JetBlade Stainless Steel Hand Dryer


The only Stainless Steel Blade Hand Dryer in the world – Patented World Wide


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Jet Blade Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

Blade Stainless Steel High Speed Double Jet Hand Dryer

The Blade Stainless Steel Hand Dryer has a drying time in proportion to the air speed and airflow. It inherits the advantage of previous double jet hand dryers, and improves the comfort when drying hands.

Stable operation, long time service life

DC brushless motor

The Blade Hand Dryers are equipped with a compact DC brushless motor, and it is designed for seven years of service at 1000 uses daily. Being a brushless motor, there are no more problems with wear and tear on motor brushes. Hence this paves the way for truly efficient power and stable operation for the long term.

It will stop heating automatically when the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C

When the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C, the heater will stop heating automatically. Also, if you turn off the heating switch, it will also stop heating, to save the energy.

Superbly reliable startup and stop

Top and Bottom Sensors

With the Blade stainless steel hand dryer, a sensor is located at the bottom of the unit detects fully inserted hands and initiates the airflow. A sensor located at the top of the unit can sense when hands are withdrawn, automatically stopping the airflow. Hands do not touch any part of the unit, making touch-free design superbly hygienic.

Drying groove is wider and deeper

The depth from the bottom to the outlet changed to 230mm from 210mm. The width is changed to 95mm from 85mm. It would be easy to use for who’s palm is bigger and touch free with the machine.

Technical Details

Time and energy saving

Drying time: 3 to 5 seconds

Air speed: 90m/s

Daily uses: 1000

Service life: Approx. 7 years

Stop heating automatically, when the ambient temperature is higher than 25°C