Xl Pro High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

Xl Pro High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer has a market leading original clean and hygienic design. Offering excellent performance in high traffic areas. Together with a slim profile from the wall and only 78db noise level. Whilst drying hands in 7 to 10 seconds, makes this one of the class leading hand dryers in the UK. The fixing hole pattern on the backplate allows this machine to be a direct replacement for the xlerator hand dryer. It’s cover is manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel 1.2mm thick to protect against corrosion and vandalism.

The XL Pro High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer senses ambient air temperature and intelligently adjusts the heater power to suit. Therefore automatically saving on electricity costs. Being of automatic operation, the machine powers up when hands are placed underneath in the sensor zone. Whilst also shutting down when they are removed. As a result saving energy over push button timed machines. With an easy to clean smooth cover, hence it is a favourite with cleaners and cuts down their time.

In conclusion the XL Pro High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer is ideal for use in restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels. Call centres, schools, colleges, universities, sports stadiums, cinemas, gyms, convention centres, super markets, shopping centres, airports, and offices.

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