Wall Blade Budget High Speed Hand Dryers

Wall Blade Budget High Speed Hand Dryers. For quicker drying times and a low level energy consumption makes the ideal combination when economy is a factor.

Save Power, Save the Environment, Save Money The heater can be switched off for even greater economy and energy savings in use.

This machine, is an automatic machine. Therefore allowing the user to dry their hands without any physical contact of components, hence reducing bacteria build up.

With a cutting-edge design to reduce energy consumption. Also the machine is fitted with infrared motion sensors and automatic shut off to give energy savings when not in use.

This hand dryer is fitted with a filter to combat germs and bacteria on hands. This machine is compact and powerful whilst creating a warm airflow that can dry hands within 10 – 12 seconds. The Hand Dryer is an ergonomically designed automatic machine, as a result giving low running costs and low maintenance

Fitted with a tough ABS cover for superior strength, and does not rust when not in use unlike some steel covers. Ideal for use in campsites, caravan sites, hotels, offices, workplaces, restaurants, pubs, clubs schools and colleges.

The Wall Blade Budget High Speed Hand Dryer is available in White or Silver.

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