Fumagalli Speedmax 100 UV Sanitizing High Speed Hand Dryer

Fumagalli Speedmax 100 UV Sanitizing High Speed Hand Dryer. The Speedmax 100 hand dryer has a small footprint, yet whilst being a powerful and fully automatic hand dryer. Since this machine is one of the smallest high-speed hand dryers ever made. It is operated by photocell, and as a result provides a powerful flow of concentrated air for the desired time.

Because of the very small size, it consequently makes it particularly suitable to small toilet areas. Automatic temperature regulating allows the heater to operate if the ambient temperature drops below 25 ° C therefore obtaining considerable energy savings. The Fumagalli Speedmax 100 UV Sanitizing High Speed hand dryer is fitted with a UV sanitizing device that kills bacteria. Plus being fitted with an air filter to consequently purify the air sucked in and subsequently dispensed on the hands.

Most of all you are drying your hands with this machine, whilst also killing bacteria in the air. Due to the low weight, it is therefore also suitable for plasterboard walls.

The Speedmax 100 hand dryer offers such high levels of reliability, energy efficiency and performance. Hence few hand dryers can therefore match it in this price band.

As a result being suitable for areas such as: Airports, Service Areas, Exhibition Area / Fairs, Factories and Offices. Leisure Centres, Multiplex Cinema / Casinos, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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