Fumagalli 9000HT Commercial Hair Dryer With Hose

9000HT Hair Dryer With Hose by Fumagalli, With Hose is designed for all day every day use. In conclusion this is a Heavy Duty Commercial Push Button Hair Dryer for Leisure and Sports Centres. Swimming Pools and Holiday Camps.

9000HT Hair Dryer With Hose commercial hair dryer is fitted with an extendable and very durable hose. Replacement hoses are available to be purchased on their own as a replacement part. It is our most popular hair dryer model, and hence it is a firm favourite amongst Leisure Centres, Sports Centres etc.

This Fumagalli 9000HT Hair Dryer in addition can also be fitted to the adjustable height slider unit. As a result enabling use by small children and tall adults alike.

The complete motor assembly is totally renewable thanks to the new patented “LEM” system. The LEM system allowing you to change the motor assembly in minutes. Without the need to remove the unit from it’s location on the wall or disconnect from the power source. As a result of this system, downtime of the machine is greatly reduced, in addition also maintenance costs are reduced.

For user safety ingress protection is rated at IP21 and also the electrical protection level is class 2.

The Fumagalli 9000 Hand and Face Dryer also comes with TUV/CE/UL quality marks. Therefore giving total peace of mind.

The hand dryer has dimensions of 270mm Ht 580mm with hose x 298mm W x 210mm D. The hand dryer’s weigh is 8kg.

Fumagalli 9000HT Commercial Hair Dryer has a cover finished in a choice of White or Stainless Steel.

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