Hair Dryers from Fumagalli.

The Fumagalli 9000 HT Commercial Hair Dryers With Hose is designed for all day every day use. In conclusion this is a Heavy Duty Commercial Push Button Hair Dryer for Leisure and Sports Centres. Swimming Pools and Holiday Camps. This Fumagalli 9000 HT Hair Dryer in addition can also be fitted to the adjustable height slider unit. As a result enabling use by small children and tall adults alike. The complete motor assembly is totally renewable thanks to the new patented “LEM” system. The LEM system allowing you to change the motor assembly in minutes. Without the need to remove the unit from it’s location on the wall or disconnect from the power source. As a result of this system, downtime of the machine is greatly reduced, in addition also maintenance costs are reduced.
The Fumagalli 9000H Commercial Hand Face Hair Dryers With Rotating Nozzle. This hair dryer has been designed for high traffic areas where vandalism is also a problem. Such as leisure centers, swimming pools, hotels and schools. The rotating nozzle is more sturdy than a hose, and consequently helps combat misuse in service due to vandalism. This Hair dryer can also be fitted to the adjustable stainless steel height slider unit. To enable use by small children and tall adults alike.
The Fumagalli MH910 hair dryers complete with hose. Is a very smart sleek looking automatic electric hair dryer. For use in hotel rooms, guest houses and low traffic dry area change rooms such as private clubs. Where equipment is looked after and not vandalised by the users.

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