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Hand Dryer Testimonial

Hand dryer don’t just take our word for it! As an example: After discussing the cost implications, one of our customers came to their own conclusion and ordered a hand dryer. The very next day, please read the following genuine testimonial:-

“We are a relatively small company with 14 members of staff and one toilet. Previously my wife took home the smelly damp hand towels home to be washed. Apart from the cost and personal inconvenience involved, there was a fast spread of any colds/flus within our company. As even after just one day. The towels must have be full or germs after about 30 or so lots of hand drying.

So at that point we moved over to disposable paper hand towels. With an initial outlay of around £40 for the dispenser. Then an annual cost of £280 buying in the paper towels + the cost of our bin people taking away the waste.

As the current economic downturn meant we had to look at every possible avenue to cut costs. We thought that a brand new hand dryer would involve high costs and take too long to pay for itself. However, Techniflow offered us a dryer for an initial outlay of £190. Our electrician charged us £50 to install the dryer. Looking at the running costs based on the electric used to run the machine, it costs around £5 per year. So from a financial perspective, it not only paid for itself in the first year. It actually saved us around £35, and the year after £275!” –

Graeme Kelly, Popi Printers, Maidstone.


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