Hand Dryers Hair Dryers from Fumagalli, and Suitmate Swimming Costume Spinners supplied by Techniflow Ltd In The UK

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Hand Dryers, Hair Dryers, Washroom Equipment From Fumagalli and Suitmate Swimming Costume Spinners from Techniflow Ltd

Hand Dryers, Hair Dryers and Washroom Equipment that we supply are of the highest quality. We offer the best range of high-speed hand dryers on the UK market.

Techniflow Ltd is the sole UK partner for Fumagalli electric hand dryers, electric hair dryers and washroom equipment. We are also the UK distributor of the official Suitmate swimming costume spinner in the UK including Ireland. (Contact Details)

Techniflow Ltd has therefore been offering the finest high quality machines on the market for over 25 years. Being most of all both a sturdy and reliable range of products. All our hand and hair drying machines have most noteworthy been manufactured to meet the requirements. Being of International Standards and Approval Authorities. Approved to: EN60-335-2-23 and CE TUV/CE/CB

Techniflow Ltd specialise in a complete range of High Speed Hand Dryers. With the revolutionary laboratory tested UVC anti-bacterial hand dryers unique to the market and commercial hair dryers. The UVC hand dryer incorporates patented bacteria killing powers, essential where hygiene is paramount as in Hospitals, Clinics, Food Preparation. Schools, Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs etc

With over 40 years of engineering and development experience in the commercial hand dryer market. Techniflow’s Quick Dri hand dryers and hair dryers consequently meets all requirements. As a result complying to hand dryer and hair dryer International Standards and Approval Authorities. Hence combining top performance, safety, durability, style, and economy. In conclusion Techniflow believes the machines you choose should be reliable and efficient so that you can fit and forget.

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Suitmate Swimming Costume Spinner (Official Brand New Machine)

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