Fumagalli MH910 Hair Dryer for Hotel and Low Usage Dry Areas

Fumagalli MH910 Hair Dryer for Hotel Rooms and Low Traffic Dry area Change rooms. This is a wall mounted hair dryer with hose for low volume areas, and is available in White or Silver

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Fumagalli MH910 Hair Dryer for Hotel Rooms Guest Houses and Low Traffic Dry Area Change Rooms such as Private Clubs

The Fumagalli MH910 hair dryer complete with hose. Is a very smart sleek looking automatic electric hair dryer. For use in hotel rooms, guest houses and low traffic dry area change rooms such as private clubs. Where equipment is looked after and not vandalised by the users.

For safety purposes this hair dryer has an automatic switch off after 8 minutes. Hence saving power and reducing the risk of damage to the hair dryer. This 1200w hair dryer features a low noise level, and has a constant air-flow of 17 litres per second. With a durable extendable hose of up to 1.2 metres. Using a mains supply voltage of 220/240v operation @ 50/60 Hz. This machine has an electrical protection level rating of: Class I. An Ingress Protection Level rating of: IP24 and comes with Quality marks: GSCEVDE/CE. The Fumagalli MH910 Hair dryer has an ABS body with a polycarbonate end nozzle.

The hair dryer is available finished in either White or Silver

The Fumagalli MH910 hair dryer with hose Technical Details

Functioning: Automatically turns on when removing the handgrip from its holder

Body material: ABS designed for use in hotel rooms and low traffic dry area change rooms

Holder material: Polycarbonate

Net weight: 2,09 Kg

Sizes: 190 x 102 x 265 mm (W x D x H) Depth 580 mm with hose

Supply voltage: 220/240 V

Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz

Overall power absorption: 1200 W

Air speed: 90 Km/h

Air flow: 17 l/s

Electrical protection level: Class II

Ingress Protection Level: IP24

Quality marks: GSCEVDE/CE

Extentable Hose: Up to 1,2 m

This hair dryer provides an easy installation wall mounting without having to open the hair driers case

Double choice for electrical wiring using either direct connection with wall cable or with the softwire plug (provided)